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Health Promot Perspect. 2020;10(3): 257-269. doi: 10.34172/hpp.2020.40
PMID: 32802763        PMCID: PMC7420175

Original Article

Communicating health crisis: a content analysis of global media framing of COVID-19

Jude Nwakpoke Ogbodo 1,2 * ORCID, Emmanuel Chike Onwe 1,2, Joseph Chukwu 3,2, Chinedu Jude Nwasum 3,2, Ekwutosi Sanita Nwakpu 3, Simon Ugochukwu Nwankwo 1,2, Samuel Nwamini 1,2, Stephen Elem 1,2, Nelson Iroabuchi Ogbaeja 1,2

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