Health Promot Perspect. 2020;10(4): 349-358. doi: 10.34172/hpp.2020.53
PMID: 33312930        PMCID: PMC7722995

Original Article

Association of early life factors with dyslipidemia in children and adolescents: The CASPIAN-V study

Bahareh Vard 1,2 ORCID, Arefeh Adham 2 ORCID, Roya Riahi 1, Golgis Karimi 3, Mohammad Esmail Motlagh 4, Ramin Heshmat 5, Mostafa Qorbani 6, Roya Kelishadi 1,2 * ORCID

Cited by CrossRef: 1

1- Li Y, Gao D, Chen L, Ma T, Ma Y, Chen M, Dong B, Dong Y, Ma J, Arnold L. The Association between Breastfeeding Duration and Lipid Profile among Children and Adolescents. Nutrients. 2021;13(8):2728 [Crossref]
2- Bouchard K, Grigsby-Toussaint D, Fox K, Amin S, Vadiveloo M, Greaney M, Tovar A. Maternal Experiences with Discussing Complementary Feeding in Primary Care. IJERPH. 2022;19(19):12061 [Crossref]

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