Health Promot Perspect. 2017;7(3): 117-123. doi: 10.15171/hpp.2017.22
PMID: 28695098        PMCID: PMC5497361

Systematic Review

A systematic review of the research evidence on cross-country features of illegal abortions

Farideh Aghaei 1, Abdolreza Shaghaghi 2 * , Parvin Sarbakhsh 3

Cited by CrossRef: 3

1- Domingues R, Fonseca S, Leal M, Aquino E, Menezes G. Aborto inseguro no Brasil: revisão sistemática da produção científica, 2008-2018. Cad Saúde Pública. 2020;36( suppl 1) [Crossref]
2- Skuster P, Menzel J, Ghorashi A, Perkins M. Policy surveillance for a global analysis of national abortion laws. Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters. 2022;30(1) [Crossref]
3- Chemlal S, Russo G. Why do they take the risk? A systematic review of the qualitative literature on informal sector abortions in settings where abortion is legal. BMC Women's Health. 2019;19(1) [Crossref]

Indexing and Abstracting

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