Health Promot Perspect. 2017;7(1): 28-33. doi: 10.15171/hpp.2017.06
PMID: 28058239        PMCID: PMC5209647

Original Article

Characteristics of medication advertisements found in US women’s fashion magazines

Jennifer Mongiovi 1 * , Grace Clarke Hillyer 1, Corey H. Basch 2, Danna Ethan 3, Rodney Hammond 4

Cited by CrossRef: 4

1- McCoul E. Direct‐To‐Consumer Advertising of Over‐the‐Counter Sinonasal Remedies: A History of Mixed Messages. The Laryngoscope. 2020;130(9):2114 [Crossref]
2- Catalan-Matamoros D, Peñafiel-Saiz C. The Use of Traditional Media for Public Communication about Medicines: A Systematic Review of Characteristics and Outcomes. Health Communication. 2019;34(4):415 [Crossref]
3- Ju Y, Jang S. The Effect of COVID-19 on hotel booking intentions: Investigating the roles of message appeal type and brand loyalty. International Journal of Hospitality Management. 2023;108:103357 [Crossref]

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