Health Promot Perspect. 2014;4(2): 151-157.
doi: 10.5681/hpp.2014.020
PMID: 25648045
PMCID: PMC4300440
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Original Research

Investigation of Enrofloxacin and Chloramphenicol Residues in Broiler Chickens Carcasses Collected From Local Markets of Ta­briz, Northwestern Iran

Vahideh Ebrahimzadeh Attari, Mehran Mesgari Abbasi, Nasim Abedimanesh, Alireza Ostadrahimi*, Abolfazl Gorbani
*Corresponding Author: Email: ostadrahimi@tbzmed.ac.ir


Background: The present study was aimed to determine the residual amounts of chloramphenicol and enrofloxacin in broiler chickens muscle and liver sam­ples gathered from local markets of Tabriz City, northwestern Iran. Methods: Ninety broiler chickens carcasses were collected from different local markets of Tabriz, during July/August 2013. Random samples of thigh and breast muscle and liver were gathered and kept at -80°C until analyzes. The sam­ples were then assayed using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) ac­cording to the protocol of each antibiotic kit. Data were statistically analyzed using the computer program SAS 9.1.  Results: Eighty two samples (91/1 %) contained residues of enrofloxacin, alt­hough mean (±SD)of enrofloxacin concentration was lower than the European Union maximum residue limits(MRLs) value (P<0.001). Moreover, 28 (31/1 %) had detectable concentrations of chloramphenicol while it was not defined any MRLs value for chloramphenicol because its using has been forbidden in food animals. Conclusion: The frequency of contamination with enrofloxacin was considera­ble for the analyzed samples. Furthermore, the existence of chloramphenicol in almost one third of samples seems to be a public health threat due to its illegal use in food animals including poultry.
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Submitted: 09 Apr 2014
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