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Hamid Allahverdipour


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Instructions for Reviewers: (PDF)

  • Systematic reviews and meta-analysis  are   further welcomed and are strongly recommended to pursue the  PRISMA  statement and MOOSE guidelines.  

  • The interventional studies especially RCT’s are strongly recommended to comply with the CONSORT statement guidelines.

  • The observational including cross-sectional, case –control and cohort studies are strongly recommended to follow the STROBE statement guidelines.

  •  The studies of diagnostic accuracy are strongly recommended to obey the STARD statement guidelines.

  •  The qualitative researches are highly suggested to follow the RATS  statement guidelines, COREQ statement guidelines for interviews and focus groups, and ENTREQ statement guidelines for synthesis of qualitative research.

  •   Reporting of studies concerning the health economic evaluation are strongly recommended to pursue  the CHEERS statement guidelines.

  • Additionally for reporting the results of statistical analyses of all types of quantitative studies the SAMPL statement guidelines is strongly recommended.